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Innervision Magazine, Intl. highlights the greater good of

people around the world...
we are a new name, a new face and a new vision
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I loved it! Your reporter did a fine job. I loved all the articles in the magazines! Some of them were so touching, I was moved to tears! You picked a lot of really wonderful people to feature. I thought the magazine came out looking fabulous. You also did great work as the publisher. I'm honored to be a part of it. Thank you so much. And I thank my dear friend Sandra Taber for nominating me and bringing us together. I am very appreciative.  -Crystal Wolfe

Exceptional, great issue, excellent job, beautiful photos, inspiring stories and tributes to mothers.  Congratulations, keep up the great work Innervision Team.  I will continue reading and always keep the FAITH, God Bless.  - Julianne Williams

Girl, you keep getting better and better! 
This publication is so beautiful Alicia, WOW! - Theresa Hart

The efforts of this publication and our whole purpose is to support children of incarcerated parents...

 “The feeling of joy and happiness comes from within” My experience with this magazine was amazing. I hope my story inspires our next generation and our youth on how to become a leader and follow there dreams.
- Andres Rodriguez  (JULY 2022 issue)

"Being featured in Innervision has been an honor and privilege that I am truly grateful for. Anu is an extraordinarily talented professional that worked diligently"

-Marc A. Soto (JULY 2022 issue)

Friends and family be sure to check out Innervision Magazine, Intl. an informative publication unabashedly tackling timely and topical issues. Alicia Figueras Lambert has been a long time supporter of my family and our efforts to reform New York’s archaic Statute of Limitations on child sex abuse.

She even had my 100 year old grandmother on her radio show back in 2013. Amazing to think radio didn’t exist at the time of grandma’s birth but 100 years later she was on the air telling Alicia that the New York laws on child sex abuse were as antiquated as she!

Grandma would also have loved Denise Hanney who wrote the InnerVision article on my efforts to eradicate the NY Statute of Limitations on child sex abuse. Like grandma and Alicia, Denise is someone who stands up for what is right no matter who it might offend. I’m thankful my daughters have had these brave ladies as role models.

Take a peek. You won’t be disappointed.  -Kevin DeBlasi




Born an entrepreneur and delighted to be part of this project affecting several parts of the world.  With 20 years of hosting local tv and radio shows, running for 2010 NY State Governor and supporting children of incarcerated parents, I have never been so excited about this vision, this innervison as I am today.  I had always dreamt about being part of  a vision that the world can be affected by.   Offering writers globally to be part of this vision.  From nothing, I can now create an opportunity. 
Living in the moment...



Nyleescia is a woman that walks strategically in the footsteps planned for her . She is a humanist for young women and entrepreneur in tax preparation. She believes that first step is always the hardest , but once you get going, the blessings flow in. 


Creative Contributor


Creative Contributor

My name is Brenda C. Sanders. I was born in the Bronx, N.Y. and attended P.S. 130.  I graduated from West Babylon High School. Attended the State University at Old Westbury, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology.   One of my passions is writing. I have written two books of poetry, several short stories and skits, not yet published. I’m a member of Who’s Who, a volunteer, for the Urban League of Long Island and a Notary Public for the State of New York.   I’m employed by the State of N.Y.  A member of the Living Hope Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Massapequa, N.Y., the Rev. Dr. Patricia Rickenbacker, Pastor. I’m the sister of Theresa Sanders, CEO, Urban League of Long Island and the late Deacon Paulette Sanders-Battle.  I have two daughter’s, Marshe Williamson, Gail Farmer and five grandchildren. I currently reside in North Babylon, N.Y.  I’m honored to join the team at Innervision Magazine, Intl. and look forward to working with you. I will bring with me, my compassion, patience,  well-roundedness and interest in my fellow man.

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Evangelist Elaine Hoskins is the Founder of the National Unity Circle Mothers’ Alliance (1998). Now spanning fifteen states, Unity Circle is a faith-based network designed to empower women to ‘use collective knowledge and experience as a catalyst for personal growth, family stability and societal change.’ Elaine merged her dance education training, introduction to jazz, growing knowledge of black history, to co-create Diaspora Cultural Services, Inc. (1995-2010).  Featuring a dance studio, drum corps, media center, summer and afterschool performing arts programs, Diaspora was a safe haven for Black and Latino families to receive intervention services.   Elaine lives out her passion to support the less fortunate by coordinating missions for health and wellness. She has gained recognition as a staunch supporter of prevention education in her roles as Community Chaplain, Crises Specialist, and voice for the marginalized. Elaine is a graduate of Empire State College of Community & Human Services. She attended Dance Theatre of Harlem, 92nd Y, OMKWW Religious Institute, and NYS Chaplaincy Task Force.  Her greatest accomplishment is her four honorable and noteworthy sons.  


Creative Contributor

Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1979, Lemont Andrew Cannon accepted his ministry call at the age of 15.  He served as an Armor Bearer in Training at Faith Deliverance Church in Aurora, Illinois.  In 2007 Elder Lemont began serving as an Armor Bearer.  He served in this assignment for 7 years.  During that time, he was ordained as a Deacon, licensed/ ordained as a Minister and then on to be ordained as an Elder.  Elder Lemont Cannon currently serves as a church Elder at Shiloh Worship Center, located in Belton, Tx. 

 He joined the military in 1997 and was medically separated in 2001.  Elder Lemont has taken a vested interest in the strengthening and building of the young men in his community.  Volunteering in KISD and performing life building skills for the young men, Elder Lemont hopes to build an alliance with other leaders within the community to further build the young men.  

Elder Lemont is married to Prophetess Qiana L. Cannon.  They have been together for 18 years, 17 of which they have been married.  They have 3 children: one son 22, two daughters 15 and 10.  They also have two grandchildren ages 3 and 1. 


Creative Contributor

A woman of God, Partner to an amazing and loving husband, mother of three beautiful adult women, grandmother  of 10 blessed individuals and one  great- granddaughter, also holds the position of CEO and Founder of The Spa Expectations Corporation and Expectations Mobile Spa & Women’s Resource Service.  The Spa Expectations Corp.. a mobile spa and quality of life company, currently serves  NY/NJ/CT, NC, VA and FL and CA.  Since March 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that forced individuals, families and communities into quarantine, the company seamlessly converted on-site services to virtual services; continuing our mission to provide improved quality of life for those we serve and their families as well as our employees and contractors.  Denise’s Love of  nature and relaxation is evident by the multifaceted services offered that caters to women and their families by promoting self-esteem, self-worth and self-care through self awareness and pampering. Denise G. Hanney is also a contributing author for “100 Words of Wisdom for Women” by Niambi Jarvis  and “Resilience-Living Life by Design” by Dr. Deana Murphy.  One of her greatest joys is her philanthropic endeavors.  Her motto is “Expect the Best in Your Life!”tm


International author and artist Rev. Nancy Rouse, surviving the struggles of being born hearing impaired, facing quarantine during times of Covid-19 for many months in solitude. She creates and writes the world around her, facing more difficulties and challenges trying to communicate and interact. With new protocols and safety procedures that have made reading lips impossible. She creates a window to a world she can understand through visual interpretation of how she perceives sound while sharing her life with those she loves.

Rev. Nancy R. Rouse

Creative Contributor


Bringing You Joy with Regina, Columnist

Regina Stafford, Board Certified Life Coach in NYC.

She specializes in Personal Development, Healing from Anxiety and Emotional Trauma, Spiritual Development and Relationships. She has been helping  people through her Coaching for over 19 years nationally and internationally and has authored a book on Dating called "Look Before You Leap" A Simple Guide For The Dating Relationship. 

Regina brings both knowledge and practical aspects to her work and is warm, and personable. A joy to work with. On her website you'll find her podcasts and monthly blog.  She is married 39 years to her best friend and husband and has 2 wonderful adult children and a huge  Rhodesian Ridgeback named Bella.


Keren has been blessed with the gift of creativity. An avid reader since she first picked up a book at the age of  3, and a fierce writer from the first time she gained command of the English language and taught how to wield a pen. Born In the twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and now a US Citizen, Keren hopes to be able to share her artistic gifts and writing talent with the world. 


Creative Designer 

Krista Giannak 2017.jpg

Writer and PR professional Krista Giannak uncovers hidden stories, getting businesses and experts noticed. Her press releases and pitches have resulted in print, TV and radio coverage for her clients. Her journalism background includes feature articles published in Hotel Interactive, Merrick Life and other local newspapers. As a speaker, she also shares her own personal and professional journey: from "scared kid" to business owner, networker, and skier, who happens to be blind. 

Creative Contributor

LRAY HEADSHOT 2020 (3).jpg

Mental Wellness Columnist


Creative Medical Columist

As a well recognized Infectious Disease Specialist, Internist and Pediatrician, triple Board-certified super physician Dr. Alexea is an engaging motivational speaker, consultant, coach and author. Dr. Alexea educates the masses through her Motivational Medicine pages and offers 1 on 1 coaching and  consultation to treat and prevent a number of medical conditions.  In addition she coaches clients living with and being treated for breast cancer. Her dynamic and compassionate approach to patient care makes her a highly sought after consultant.  As a breast cancer patient, survivor and thriver, Dr. Alexea also utilizes speaking, teaching, coaching and social media to educate the masses about healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.  As “The Healthy Influencer”,  her mission is to help others achieve total health and wellness through life changing wellness education and medical motivation. 


Chief Editor

Wellness Unicorn

A unique approach to a healthier life, (631) 793-1945


Tami Racaniello is a speaker and consultant, known as the Wellness Unicorn for her unique and effective approach to a healthier, more vital life. Tami's journey of losing over 100 pounds, combined with her certifications in areas of Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, Culinary Nutrition, Wellness Coaching, Healthy Lifestyle Design, Meal Planning, Reiki and Meditation, inspired her to approach wellness with a different perspective.  In her effective presentations to organizations and businesses, she gives people actionable advice and techniques to reduce healthcare costs and the occurrence of lifestyle preventable disease. Tami also consults with restaurants and food start-ups on developing healthier menu options, and making sure food nutrition labels meet standards. 

image1 (3).png

Creative Contributor

Torise L. Hiller was born and raised in the city of Passaic, NJ and is one of a triplet. She is a a former Middle school/High School English teacher for over a decade. In additon, she currently works as an Adjunct Professor & Trainer at Essex County College and Passaic County Community College. In addition, she is a traveling independent instructor & educational consultant for Therapy Travelers, Inc. She is an licensed & ordained minister, prolific writer, Transformational Coach & Empowerment Speaker. She currently serves her clients and community as a mentor, counselor, writing coach, ghost-writer, editor and is a master teacher over varies series and blogs that foster spiritual development.


War & Peace Columnist

"I was raised by two parents who grew up in the midst of war, strife, famine, and struggle.  I learned to watch and listen from a young age, and to find the spark of beauty in even the ugliest of circumstances.  I have made it my mission to capture this beauty, no matter how tiny it may be, and present it through my art and my writings.   In the beginning my artistic story revolved around sharing the untold, lost stories of my family and the forgotten millions who perished in the war.  The adage that history repeats itself was my biggest driver to uncover, then humanize the facts, figures, and stories of World War II.


Today, the newest chapter of my artistic story features my home.  New York City and its five boroughs are the melting pot: old and new architectural designs share the same block.  Over fifty different languages are spoken at once across the city.  This chapter celebrates the beauty of New York and its people."

Heidi pix_1_1.jpg

Queens, NY based real estate attorney with fire in her  bones to help anyone in need.  She holds many specialties and is quite honored to now be writing for Innervision Magazine, Intl.  Her column will focus on a variety of legal issues both current events and FAQs.


Legal Ease Columnist

image4 (2).jpeg

In my social circle many know me as Victoria DT, which I prefer.  Business woman in a Fortune 500 company,  Minister at World Harvest Community Center in Brooklyn,  Missionary, Chaplain: NYSCTF, Life Coach, Domestic Violence Advocate, Health and Wellness.  Mother of 2 children and 6 grandchildren.  Passions: Fighting for the oppressed and seeking justice.  Love to write and be a speaker.


Beauty Beyond the Pieces



Human Resources

Hello my name is Pamela Bedford, I represent the Human Resource Department of Innervision Magazine, Intl.  In addition I will be providing guidance through my company, Conquer the Umm.  At Conquer the Umm my goal is to assist our writers with their ability to speak publicly. Unfortunately, people diminish their credibility with the frequent use of “Umm”. The information they are trying to communicate becomes questionable and gives the impression they do not know what they are talking about. I assist individuals with identifying distracting filler words and phrases. Examples of Filler words and phrases: you know, like, umm, and so. I assist people with their platform skills, tips and techniques. The goal is to help people of all ages to improve their communication skills and provide information in a clear concise manner.     

image0 (5).jpeg

Originally from Daytona Beach, Fl.  Lived in NYC for 17 years, and 13 years on Long Island. Served 3.5 years in army, spent 32 years as healthcare administrator in VHA.  BA in Communication Science. Hobbies are collecting vintage records, short story writing, and poetry and gadgets.  Married for 12 years to my soulmate.  Now semi-retired currently reside in New Jersey


Creative Contributor

Word Collage

I am a free spirited writer, residing in NYC. My journey started about seven years ago when I was asked to create a poem. Expressing myself through poetry became very healing in my journey. I’m excited about writing on various topics to connect with my readers.


Creative Contributor &
The Spoken Word Columnist


I am seasoned Paralegal & aspiring attorney with plans to enter law school. Director of a nonprofit organization that assists with vocational consultation, planning, & case management. Scholar in law, psychology, and data science. Loves to write and am excited about writing for Innervision Magazine, Intl..


Creative Contributor


Innervision Magazine, Intl. is excited to start a food review column!  Alicia & Pamela have been friends for over 30 years and enjoy the culinary journeys they have taken.  So why not become a critic along the way?  They are now on the road weekly, experiencing all types of food venues and will provide you with reviews with love.  Check out The Yummy Review!


The Yummy Review


Rich Bates grew up in Alexandria, VA, before trying college at U of Tennessee. He served in the Navy for six years. He and his beautiful wife Darlene raised 3 boys, who are now raising 7 children of their own. 

Nagged by a desire to earn a bachelor’s degree, Rich finally graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2021 in Creative Writing. This 45-year journey to learn the craft has been a wonderful time of self-discovery and experience-sharing.


Creative Contributor


Creative Contributor

Marc A. Soto is currently the Director of Prevention &  Community Services at Youth Enrichment Services since October 2021.  Marc responsibilities include evidenced base prevention programing roll out in schools of the Town of Islip, community service partnership development and event management as well as food distribution.  
Marc received his B.A. from Fordham University and his Juris Doctor from the University of Nebraska College of Law. Marc is a proud Papi of two girls: Mia and Ashlee.  Marc was a volunteer firefighter at Merrick Hook & Ladder Co. 1. Marc is a passionate advocate and motivational speaker for organ & tissue donation, diversity, equity & inclusion and education.  Marc’s hobbies are his motorcycle, travel and community service.


Creative Contributor

Karen lives her life by two mantras: “Despite what’s happening, keep your conversation going with Jesus” and “Do something today that your body will thank you for tomorrow”. Karen centers her life around the four pillars of supporting, educating, encouraging and inspiring others.  She serves in her local church as a praise and worship leader, prayer lead and altar worker and serves the greater community as a speaker and health and wellness consultant. She is the author of three published works; the book, Re-Love, Your Journey to Freedom, the accompanying workbook and writing journal, and is currently writing on her first novel. She has appeared on Christian television, in promotional videos, narrated radio programs, and spoken to thousands of individuals on stage. Karen is a devoted wife of over 22 years. She has two adult sons and two precious grandchildren. Born and raised in the DMV, she currently lives in Prince William County, VA.


Peyton Staff is a musician, author, and content creator living in Illinois with her husband. She has written an ebook called "Lyme & Not the Fruit" and has a debut sci-fi novel coming out soon called "The Mutates: The Creation." Peyton is a God-fearing woman and a lover of the arts. 


Assistant Editor

Main Image 1.jpg

Living my purpose, on purpose. A mission driven woman motivated to create change by enhancing lives and empowering mindsets. As the owner of Inspiring Greatness, Inc. Erica Anderson, has made a way to touch the lives of teenagers teaching them the art of journaling, discovering self awareness, knowing their “why”, and most importantly learning about their greatness. Her mission is very clear: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” 


Creative Contributor


all proceeds benefit children of incarcerated parents

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