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I loved it! Your reporter did a fine job. I loved all the articles in the magazines! Some of them were so touching, I was moved to tears! You picked a lot of really wonderful people to feature. I thought the magazine came out looking fabulous. You also did great work as the publisher. I'm honored to be a part of it. Thank you so much. And I thank my dear friend Sandra Taber for nominating me and bringing us together. I am very appreciative.  -Crystal Wolfe

Exceptional, great issue, excellent job, beautiful photos, inspiring stories and tributes to mothers.  Congratulations, keep up the great work Innervision Team.  I will continue reading and always keep the FAITH, God Bless.  - Julianne Williams

Girl, you keep getting better and better! 
This publication is so beautiful Alicia, WOW! - Theresa Hart

The efforts of this publication and our whole purpose is to support children of incarcerated parents...




Born an entrepreneur and delighted to be part of this project affecting several parts of the world.  With 20 years of hosting local tv and radio shows, running for 2010 NY State Governor and supporting children of incarcerated parents, I have never been so excited about this vision, this innervison as I am today.  I had always dreamt about being part of  a vision that the world can be affected by.   Offering writers globally to be part of this vision.  From nothing, I can now create an opportunity. 
Living in the moment...



Branding Editor

Ava Anise Adams is a thesbian who attended Tocoa Falls for Performing Arts.  Has always exhibited a talent to create which make her very excited to be the Branding Editor for Innervision Magazine, Intl.  Next to spending quality time with her 2 year old nephew, her first love is being on stage singing and acting while her hobbies are reading, children and working with high functional disabled adults.  Ava is currently writing her own book about the pillars of the family.  Ava is delighted to be part of this amazing national publication.  avaanisadams.com

My name is Brenda C. Sanders. I was born in the Bronx, N.Y. and attended P.S. 130. 

I graduated from West Babylon High School. Attended the State University at Old Westbury, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology.   One of my passions is writing. I have written two books of poetry, several short stories and skits, not yet published. I’m a member of Who’s Who, a volunteer, for the Urban League of Long Island and a Notary Public for the State of New York.   I’m employed by the State of N.Y.  A member of the Living Hope Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Massapequa, N.Y., the Rev. Dr. Patricia Rickenbacker, Pastor. I’m the sister of Theresa Sanders, CEO, Urban League of Long Island and the late Deacon Paulette Sanders-Battle.  I have two daughter’s, Marshe Williamson, Gail Farmer and five grandchildren. I currently reside in North Babylon, N.Y.  I’m honored to join the team at Innervision Magazine, Intl. and look forward to working with you. I will bring with me, my compassion, patience,  well-roundedness and interest in my fellow man.


Creative Contributor


Vice President of Operations

Ayanna Mills Gallow is a 2x Bestselling Author of God & Hip Hop & Black Man Preferred, both self-published by her company, Thanx-A-Mills, LLC, a company where she uses her voice and published writings to inspire, strengthen and help others overcome adversity. She is an advocate for African American boys and men to help strengthen families and relationships in the African American community. Ayanna lives with her 2 sons and dog “Cupid” in the Atlanta, GA area. Ayanna can be found on Instagram and Facebook at ThanxAMills and at thanxamills.com.


Creative Contributor

Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1979, Lemont Andrew Cannon accepted his ministry call at the age of 15.  He served as an Armor Bearer in Training at Faith Deliverance Church in Aurora, Illinois.  In 2007 Elder Lemont began serving as an Armor Bearer.  He served in this assignment for 7 years.  During that time, he was ordained as a Deacon, licensed/ ordained as a Minister and then on to be ordained as an Elder.  Elder Lemont Cannon currently serves as a church Elder at Shiloh Worship Center, located in Belton, Tx. 

 He joined the military in 1997 and was medically separated in 2001.  Elder Lemont has taken a vested interest in the strengthening and building of the young men in his community.  Volunteering in KISD and performing life building skills for the young men, Elder Lemont hopes to build an alliance with other leaders within the community to further build the young men.  

Elder Lemont is married to Prophetess Qiana L. Cannon.  They have been together for 18 years, 17 of which they have been married.  They have 3 children: one son 22, two daughters 15 and 10.  They also have two grandchildren ages 3 and 1. 


Creative Contributor

A woman of God, Partner to an amazing and loving husband, mother of three beautiful adult women, grandmother  of 10 blessed individuals and one  great- granddaughter, also holds the position of CEO and Founder of The Spa Expectations Corporation and Expectations Mobile Spa & Women’s Resource Service.  The Spa Expectations Corp.. a mobile spa and quality of life company, currently serves  NY/NJ/CT, NC, VA and FL and CA.  Since March 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that forced individuals, families and communities into quarantine, the company seamlessly converted on-site services to virtual services; continuing our mission to provide improved quality of life for those we serve and their families as well as our employees and contractors.  Denise’s Love of  nature and relaxation is evident by the multifaceted services offered that caters to women and their families by promoting self-esteem, self-worth and self-care through self awareness and pampering. Denise G. Hanney is also a contributing author for “100 Words of Wisdom for Women” by Niambi Jarvis  and “Resilience-Living Life by Design” by Dr. Deana Murphy.  One of her greatest joys is her philanthropic endeavors.  Her motto is “Expect the Best in Your Life!”tm

Rev. Nancy R. Rouse

Born and raised in KY, transplanted to Brooklyn NY in 2006.  I am a single mother, daughter, and a friend who has dealt with some real struggles in life. Survivor of Cancer and also domestic abuse, I have felt the hardships of life and understand how a single moment of compassion can transition the path of a aching soul.We are never a finished product, always changing evolving, recreating ourselves. There is something broken in all of us. What one does with the pieces is what defines an individual, with our own survival and experiences, we can reach out to be that shiny moment of hope to those who need it.

Creative Contributor

Dr. Nané Cheung

Creative Contributor

Dr. Cheung was light years ahead of her time when she began her holistic clinical
practice in NYC,1984 with a passion and a mission—her motto was “make your body a better place to live”. She believes that at any age, with any condition, you can ‘recreate’ a new you. Her background of arts, literature and sculpture combined with her doctorate degree in Chiropractic and Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition, has led to her practice of Mindful Functional Medicine which integrates the approach of Body-Mind-Lifestyle Medicine.  Along the way, her goal is to help you open up to joy and laughter.  Dr. Cheung is available for private consultations, health coaching, inspirational lectures and corporate wellness programs.
Phone: 212-949-3900 www.healthylivingbydesign.net Email:nane@DrCheung.net


Creative Contributor

Melissa is an inspiring writer who’s current projects include a monthly exhibition for  Exponent Magazine, content coordinator for  Affirmation International -Chicago Chapter and  Curl Connection, A Natural Hair Care Social Media Group.  As a Queer person of color,  Melissa is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights  and is on various planning and leadership boards throughout the continental United States.  In addition, Melissa  has a non -for -profit entitled Project B.E. S.A.F.E. -Bridging(the) Education( of )Safety, Awareness (and) Female Empowerment. Project B.E. S.A.F.E. Mission is two-fold -1st,  providing resources and an outlet for escape for women surviving domestic violence  .  2nd- to empower women and other marginalized groups to climb out of despair and into a place of hope.  Melissa is a Special Education Teacher and supports inclusion in the community as an active member of the disability rights activist coalition. (D.R.A.C)  As a native Long Islander and new contributor to Innervision Magazine, Melissa is excited to embark on this next adventure in her writing career.  

My Love for Natural Healing, Herbs and Essential Oils started 28 years ago on LI NY, and Spirit of Gaia was born. Today my company has grown and Spirit of Gaia Aromatherapy Works and Healing Sanctuary is located in Ocala, FL. To find out more, visit my website with links to contact me or purchase online at: https://www.spiritofgaiaessentialoilblends.com


Creative Contributor

Keren has been blessed with the gift of creativity. An avid reader since she first picked up a book at the age of  3, and a fierce writer from the first time she gained command of the English language and taught how to wield a pen. Born In the twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and now a US Citizen, Keren hopes to be able to share her artistic gifts and writing talent with the world. 


Creative Designer 


Writer and PR professional Krista Giannak uncovers hidden stories, getting businesses and experts noticed. Her press releases and pitches have resulted in print, TV and radio coverage for her clients. Her journalism background includes feature articles published in Hotel Interactive, Merrick Life and other local newspapers. As a speaker, she also shares her own personal and professional journey: from "scared kid" to business owner, networker, and skier, who happens to be blind. 

Creative Contributor


Creative Contributor


Creative Contributor

Stephanie Gay is a force for structured transformation, growth, and the accomplishment that awaits on the other side of dedicated effort.  Proudly a graduate of two Master Degrees; a Masters of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Management and Leadership from Webster University and a Masters of Arts in Higher Education Administration with a Concentration in Administration from the University of Louisville.  Proudly a First Lieutenant in the United States Army.  I am passionate about sharing scientific principles for personal transformation, fitness, an individual preparation for the challenges that life brings us. Not only for members of the community (and especially children) but, in a much larger responsibility that few of us will ever experience; the role as a leader of Soldiers. I am routinely placed in positions where I must impart knowledge and skills as well as initiate actions that are critical for the mission at hand, and the welfare of the team of Soldiers responsible for carrying out these duties.  Although I am known for my hands-on approach to teaching and motivating, it is my knowledge and experience as a leader that sets my work apart.  I am a respected keynote speaker for the business community, sharing my unique achievement strategies for both individuals and corporations to consistently perform at their highest level.  A major focus of my current brand is developing Corporate Teams and the leaders that work within these teams.   I can be reached at (708) 334-2956 or via email at sfgay21@gmail.com.


Creative Contributor


Creative Medical Contributor

AnTionette Byers-Paredes

Graduate of Cedar Crest College, Class of 2012.
AnTionette received her MSW from Fordham May 2013. She spent several years providing therapy and supportive services to Children with Disabilities within the foster care. Inspired by her many school visits within NYC Public Schools, in 2016 she left Social Work and was accepted into the Teaching Fellows Program. August 2018 she graduated with her Masters in Special Education and General Education. Her first three years of teaching she taught Special Education and has recently  transitioned to teaching 4th grade General Education. Her goal has always been to inspire the youth to use their voices to shape their future and realize their potential. Thus starting the Fearless Writing Institute Afterschool Program to encourage her students to use their writing as a form of self-expression and an agent of change. 

As a well recognized Infectious Disease Specialist, Internist and Pediatrician, triple Board-certified super physician Dr. Alexea is an engaging motivational speaker, consultant, coach and author. Dr. Alexea educates the masses through her Motivational Medicine pages and offers 1 on 1 coaching and  consultation to treat and prevent a number of medical conditions.  In addition she coaches clients living with and being treated for breast cancer. Her dynamic and compassionate approach to patient care makes her a highly sought after consultant.  As a breast cancer patient, survivor and thriver, Dr. Alexea also utilizes speaking, teaching, coaching and social media to educate the masses about healthy lifestyle and disease prevention.  As “The Healthy Influencer”,  her mission is to help others achieve total health and wellness through life changing wellness education and medical motivation. 

Author/Poet resides in South Floral Park, New York.  She is the mother of three adult children. Currently she has co-authored a book with seven other ladies titled - The Day I Decided To Change My Life, lessons of hope, transformation and significant breakthrough.  This book was compiled by Wanza Leftwich, currently available on Amazon.

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Creative Contributor

First and foremost, I am a strong believer in the All Mighty Creator, and a friend of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. My desire is to be obedient and to do the will of my Heavenly Father.  Secondly, I am a daughter, sibling, wife, mother, aunt, godmother and Glamma to a beautiful granddaughter. I have a beautiful pet name Bella.  Thirdly, I am an accomplished Registered Nurse and administrator by profession. God has blessed me with numerous degrees and an excellent position in Pain Management.

Kathyrn Negri, MBA, BSN RN

Creative Contributor


Chief Editor

Wellness Unicorn

A unique approach to a healthier life

(631) 793-1945



Tami Racaniello is a speaker and consultant, known as the Wellness Unicorn for her unique and effective approach to a healthier, more vital life. Tami's journey of losing over 100 pounds, combined with her certifications in areas of Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, Culinary Nutrition, Wellness Coaching, Healthy Lifestyle Design, Meal Planning, Reiki and Meditation, inspired her to approach wellness with a different perspective.  In her effective presentations to organizations and businesses, she gives people actionable advice and techniques to reduce healthcare costs and the occurrence of lifestyle preventable disease. Tami also consults with restaurants and food start-ups on developing healthier menu options, and making sure food nutrition labels meet standards. 


Creative Wellness Contributor

Dorina Barksdale is a Woman of God who was born in Smithtown, NY and raised in Brentwood, NY by Clinton and Linda Williams. Ms. Barksdale indicates her greatest’s accomplishment is her three children, Anastasia, Jonathan and Joshua Barksdale. Ms. Barksdale has rich lineage of African American Heritage, Hispanic and Indian heritage who is currently employed as Program Support Assistant (COR) for Chief of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Service at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, located in Northport, NY. Ms. Barksdale holds an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Business from Berkeley College and has attended Defense Acquisition University (DAU) which she is certified as a Contracting Officer Representative (COR/COTR) for Veterans Affairs Medical Center.


Joel is an editor and marketer with 30 years experience in educational publishing. At Victory Productions, Joel spearheaded numerous print and technology products for dozens of publishers. Prior to that,  Joel worked at Pearson, developing innovative middle grades and high school science textbooks and associated technology.  Joel began his career at the Ecotarium in Worcester, MA, developing museum programs for all ages, including bubble magic and What’s Up planetarium programs.  Joel has a lifelong passion for astronomy. In the past twenty years, he expanded his repertoire to include
studying African djembe and dance with a variety of master teachers. Most recently, he has been developing a practice in aerial yoga and exploring fire spinning.

Creative  Contributor

Born and raised in Long Beach California. Studied Sociology at California State University, Fresno. I've been involved in education and racial justice since high school and have a passion for ending white supremacy and racial capitalism through direct action and policy change. In my free time I love spending time with my dog Holidae and partner Ava. 


Creative Contributor


“Colby Jacob Gallow is an 12-year-old Middle Schooler from Alpharetta, GA. Colby is also a two-timed Bestselling Author of “Rappers are Writers” and “Black Man Preferred”. Colby is being raised by his mom, Ayanna, who is a Best Selling Author with a background in ministry, and co-effectively by his dad, Chris Gallow, who is an Entrepreneur with a background in law enforcement. Colby’s goal is to be a Change Maker and the President of the United States. Colby is commonly referred to as “Mr. President” by his teachers at school. When Colby is not out trying to change the world, he enjoys playing football and Fortnight with his brother Caleb.”

Chief Youth Contributor & Advisor


all proceeds benefit children of incarcerated parents

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